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In our constant strive to provide a better service Biddulph Window Cleaners  use the latest technology to clean  your windows. To this end we use the Water-fed Pole System (WFPS) which allows us to access all windows safely. Many are unsure of the quality when using this system, but that’s often due to not understanding how it works. The information on this page is designed to explain how it works and the benefits gained from using it.

Believe it or not, pure water was first used for cleaning windows in America in the 1950′s! Whilst the equipment has changed a lot since then, the basic principle remains the same.

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Here’s how it works:

Tap Water contains impurities such as calcium, phosphates, nitrates, sodium, potassium and chloride. If you were to spray Tap Water onto a window on a sunny day, it would dry to leave white spots on the glass. This is due to the impurities in the Tap Water.

Pure Water for window cleaning is produced by a purifying Tap Water until all of the impurities have been removed. This is done with specialised water purifying equipment.

This process is called “Reverse Osmosis”.

The Pure Water is then transported in tanks, by van, to the customer’s property.

With a  Pure Water System, the water is pumped through   hoses, and up extendable poles to a soft brush head.

The  Pure water rapidly softens any dirt on the window, the soft brush is used to agitate the softened dirt and the flow of pure water carries the dirt with it to the ground.

When all the dirt has been removed from the window, frame and sill, the brush is lifted from the window and the flow of  Pure Water is used to rinse the window. This means that all that is left on the window is Pure Water.

As the Pure Water dries (evaporates), the window will dry to a perfect finish,without any spots, smears or runs. No impurities results in a spotless finish.

You may have experienced poor results with Pure Water window cleaners in the past.

This is due to operator error by inexperienced window cleaners. If you have any concerns, why not take up my offer of a Free Demonstration to allay your fears?

The Advantages

The main advantages of the reach and wash system are:

  • Your windows are left crystal clear and free of streaks and smears after cleaning
  • Glass stays cleaner for longer
  • Removes all lime and grime
  • Most hard to reach windows are now accessible
  • More Privacy
Health and safety
Health and safety Legislation being brought in from Europe will limit the use of ladders as temporary workstations. The law now states that ladders can only be used when all viable alternatives have been considered, and now waterfed pole systems are seen as a safer viable alternative.